Judge Stephen Kendrick, producer of such films as Fireproof and Courageous, stated: “We [as the judges] talked about how Nehemiah heard about the walls being broken down and was so broken by it that he said, ‘I must go and do something about that.’ . . . Many times, we are moved with compassion and do nothing. [Brian] saw an article and said, ‘I am going to run to the battle.’”

Judge Curtis Bowers, who won ‘Best of Festival’ in 2010 for his film Agenda, remarked: “We saw in this young man someone who loved life so much; that loved the truth; that was willing to defend those that no one cares about and wants to get rid of. If he’s that passionate about that in a movie that he didn’t know if it’s ever going to make money or not . . . we could tell: That’s a young man we want to invest in, because he’s going to change the world with his films.”

Other winners included Ru: Water is Life, which garnered the runner-up award in the ‘Best Documentary’ category; and Static, which took second place for ‘Best Short Film.’ Runner-up for ‘Best Sanctity of Life’ went to BIRTH CONTROL: How Did We Get Here?; and Indescribable was tapped for second place in the ‘Best Original Score’ category. Mobile Mayhem took the runner-up award for ‘Young Filmmaker’ Award. The ‘Best Treatment’ Award went to Fire and Forgiveness, with Sola Fide getting the second-place nod in this category.

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