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Tonight Tina gave birth to Santana and Erica goes solo.

Welcoming of a new child isn’t always easy. Tina’s children were loving and giving. Meanwhile, Erica was beginning to test the water of “solo” career. Tina shows up at Erica’s house to explain that they have a lucrative  deal pending. Tina emphatically answers, “No.. I am not thinking about Mary.” In the midst  the girls find out that while Tina was giving birth their father was getting married.  Erica  starts to deal with solo artist life.  Justin comes to Atlanta. He apologizes to Mitch. Mitch accepts the apology with caution. Erica makes a pact to  Teddy that she will mot tour as long, work as long or be gone as long. Erica now must face an audience by herself. Erica is disappointed in her first solo song. Erica is faced with changing her song and delivers it well.

Tonight’s lesson was one of learning everything old can be new again. When you give both you know the routine if you have children. No two births are the same. No child is the same. That is exactly the same with anything  you do in your life. Erica trying the waters of solo singing was a challenge.  Being part of a duo or  a half or transitioning into being a whole alone can be scary. It is when you finally get  to the point where you begin that next step that you begin to see everything  can work out. Have you thought about what you need to do to start something new? Today may just be the moment. Go Get It!

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