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Is today a chaotic one? Are you in the midst of confusion and strife? Do you feel like you just want to get away? The problem with just getting away is that the situation does not solve itself. When you get back from your trip, it will still beg for a solution.

Being a hero is being able to bring solutions where none can be found. In sports we call heroes superstars. They are those athletes who want the basketball with two seconds left to play and they are down by only one point. They are the quarterbacks who are calm and collected with one minute left on the clock but yet are 90 yard away from the winning touchdown.

We need to be heroes on our job, in our homes or at our social gatherings. We should be the ones to bring a solution to the crisis and we can be. Every crisis is full of negativity. For the crisis to be resolved, the hero must have a positive, confident atmosphere. The hero must know what he is doing. A hit or miss approach is not the right style. He should have enough experience to know that there are solutions and he has the right one for the situation.

This sounds like a tall or impossible order for us. But the truth is, if we rely on what has already been implanted within us, it may be an impossible order. However if we can connect to a source that has the answers and who has been there before, we can calmly and confidently turn what was impossible into the possible.

Jesus, speaking to his disciples when they posed a question to him about possibilities said, what is impossible with man is possible with God. Make God the source for your life and he will be your resource for everything that comes against it. He will cover your inexperience and lack of wisdom with his. It can’t get any better than that. Embrace God, and what he has will become yours. As God spoke in the beginning to a chaotic situation, so you will now speak to a chaotic and confused situation to create life, order and peace.

God bless you and you make today the greatest day of your life.