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In a new episode of the hit web series, PRODIGIES, one of America’s youngest ministers, Ezekiel Stoddard, preaches a fiery sermon at the Fullness of Time Church in Capitol Heights, Maryland.

Ezekiel writes his own sermons, leads his family’s gospel group, and is an officially ordained minister — an honor many preachers have not yet received after serving for longer than Ezekiel has been alive.

“I’m a servant for God,” Ezekiel says, “When I was 7 years old, God spoke to me. … I want to be an evangelist — to travel all around the world.” His charisma is unparalleled and his faith is unshakeable.

Ezekiel’s story is one of faith and family triumphing over diversity.

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Both of his parents are preachers and his brother sings with him in their church’s choir. “I did not want my children to hurt like I have hurt. I, as a young girl, had been raped and I’ve had my entire family turn their back on me at a very young age,” says Ezekiels mother, Pastor Adrienne Smith. “I found Jesus Christ, and I wanted my children to be saved.” Smith’s parenting has touched her children’s hearts. Ezekiel says in his interview, “I really love my mom. I would die for her.”

Watch him action below: