Regardless of your opinion of the late Senator Edward Kennedy, there is no denying that he was an accomplished man, well-loved by his constituency, and by his family.

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The Kennedy family history is the stuff of legends. The family patriarch, Joseph Kennedy, Sr., came up from less than auspicious beginnings, leading his family into wealth by reportedly trafficking in bootleg liquor during Prohibition and aligning himself with members of the mafia. The matriarch, Rose Kennedy, by everyone’s accounts a good Irish-Catholic girl, who gave birth to nine children, suffered the indignities of her husband’s philandering on a daily basis. It has been documented that she even had to share the family dinner table with her husband’s mistresses. Despite it all, she lived a dignified life.

Oldest brother Joe, would go on to serve in the military and lose his life while so doing.  Sister, Kathleen, and brothers John and Robert would each die – in a plane crash, and by assassin’s bullets, respectively. Meanwhile Sister Rosemary would suffer a failed prefrontal labotomy, which would render her incapable of functioning independently. The family would suffer many more tragedies in the decades to come, the least of which would be the death of America’s Prince, John F. Kennedy, Jr., when his plane crashed on the way to a family member’s wedding celebration.

Ted Kennedy, who  himself was a victim of a plane crash, and of his poor judgment at Chappaquiddick, survived it all.  Early this morning, he succumbed to cancer at the age of 77. May he rest in peace.

The video above manages to condense into a few minutes a lifetime of experiences. I hope you find it interesting.

Our prayers go out to the Kennedy family.

Be blessed, Family.

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