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Bridgette Cooper is an award winning classical singer, actress, recording artist and humanitarian. She is the recipient of the 2012-2013 Distinguished Alumni of the Year Award from East Carolina University School of Music. She has been presented in recital and opera performances throughout the US and Europe.

E8:How did you get started?

My mother was an opera singer and my father, a lawyer, came from a very musical Bahamian family. He loved classical music. Opera and orchestral music was always playing. I started taking piano at the age of 7 and continued studying MANY instruments. I had a very bad case of stage fright from what I remember. I got started in music after my parents heard me sing in a school concert in Jr. High. My parents and my music teacher would buy tickets to take me to what seemed like every opera singer and orchestra concert that was in town. I had no idea at the time that this was their way of exposing me to the various forms and styles of music. It also taught me that to be a serious musician that I would have to study music. When it began time for me to think about college. My parents sat me down and said “God has given you a gift and you should think about considering music as a career”. During college I spent the summer at an opera workshop called Opera Works, I developed a new love and deeper understanding of opera and the role it played in my life. It was an experience that really opened my eyes to the competition that was out there and not just where I attended school. I began to audition for summer opera programs after graduation and had the opportunity to study in some amazing places. My first opera tour was a great experience. It was a great opportunity to gain a lot of experience touring in a short amount of time. Before I went on tour I decided to study in Austria for the summer. It was another great experience. It really helped me to adjust to touring life on the road.

E8 What has been your greatest moment?

There have been many great moments, so it is hard to pin down just one. I think a few that are at the top of my list would be making my debut at Carnegie Hall in the Weil Recital Hall in a concert called Voices of the New Millennium and winning the 2012 2013 Distinguished Alumni Award from East Carolina University.  Also being named 2012 Marian Anderson Scholar and performing in the Marian Anderson Lincoln Memorial Concert revisited.

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E8 Who is your musical hero?

Marian Anderson. The fact that she helped to pave the way for all singers of color….any color. Despite adversity, despite set backs. Her love of music that she shared with the world. Music does not care what color you are it just cares that you sing it well. She never gave up on her dream. She never let negative attitudes of the times define who she was.

E8 What best describes who you are?

Opera singer, actress, recording artist, and humanitarian. My family’s heritage is very important to me. Being part Bahamian, they never let you forget it…..even when you are born in the US. Many of my friends call me resilient. I have a great sense of humor. Love to laugh

E8 What do you want people to know about who you are?

What I want people to know about who I am, is the fact that I am an opera singer who not only cares about music and sharing my gift with the world, but I want to share my gift with the world to make it a better place. Because I have had so many opportunities to travel to several parts of the world. I have been able to experience how people interact with each other, what makes humans beautiful people and to witness first hand that music really is a universal language.

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