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Who posted that?  That’s a question that is much bigger than our new technological lives  have bargained for. Digital uploads are the rage in all facets of our lives. We want everything now. Just what is fit to be out there on the web is an entirely different matter. We have applications for just about everything. You can find anything you would like online. As pointed out by one of the posting commentators on my column last week there often are pictures that can be considered risqué.

In the last few years, we have had a rash of stars complain and become befuddled when nude pictures of themselves pop up. We have seen Jamie Foxx yell about his nude pictures and Rhianna drop her head after a rash of her pictures showed up.Now ee deal with Anthony Weiner and “Weinergate”. When is thinking before you click send going to be the new wave?

Week after week we are bombarded with another scandalous picture or video that some celebrity never expected to go public. If you are a public figure acting less than honorable what are you expecting  the result to be? Tabloids have pages and pages of less than stellar pictures of stars in these stolen intimate moments. How did they get out? There are two schools or arguments. There is the “It was Stolen Troop” or the “It was Hacked Troop”. I am a subscriber to neither. I think when you hang out with trouble you get trouble. It’s when you deliberately pose for the pictures that are questionable that you get into a bind. There is a strong risk that they will end up in hands that are not friendly one day. You cannot really think for one moment that the pictures won’t go anywhere.

Each one of these mysterious videos, photos and clips have resulted in some tirade about it being personal information being given out Honestly, when you held a camera in front of a mirror and pressed the red button and uploaded it what were you thinking? We all pose for pictures because we want to save the moment. What moments are you really saving? Aren’t they moments in which you pretend to be a pin up or party starter? It’s those moments that seem to be bubbling up to the top more often.

The job of an actress or actor includes making rounds at public appearances. They may say they hate it but it comes with the territory. They often define themselves by their shopping trips and party appearances. We must be on guard for being too over analytical as well. Case in point, the picture that was posted  of the Mowry sisters who happen to be leaning in to the camera was innocent. It was not nearly as scandalous as it may have seemed. It definitely was not implying an agenda of any type.

Just how much thought are any of us putting in to our own personal photo postings? Is it because everyone is half clothed we get to do the same? You know what they say about laying down with dogs.

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