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Tonight Tina and Erica took you on a roller-coaster ride.  The big day at the Essence Music Festival has arrived. Tina is clearly 9 months pregnant. Goo Goo is still talking about Justin. Mich is trying to juggle all things Mary Mary. Warryn and Teddy are trying to be supportive. When you throw all that into tonight’s show, your head spins. The show opened with Tina’s baby shower for Santana. Mama Atkins  throws wonderful baby showers!  Goo Goo comes over to fit the ladies for Essence.  She informs the ladies that she will be  busy because Justin is in town. Tina sits down and makes it clear! “I an’t trying t hear about no Justin.” Later, the dreaded discussion we have all been hearing about takes.

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Erica must tell Tina that she is going to take a  solo opportunity. Tina goes emo!  The ladies have one of the most difficult conversations one can have as a duo and sisters. Erica explains that she is not jumping ship on Mary Mary. Tina. Before leaving , famous choreographer Laurieanne  tells Erica that she can be all that. Meanwhile, Tina is at the doctor’s office. The doctor informs her that any kid of stress could lead to early delivery. The ladies head to Essence with unresolved  emotions and a full to the brim schedule.

The lesson from tonight’s episode is crystal clear. Sometimes you must do what you ave to do. We all have things that stress us. We all have  people in our lives that disappoint us and make unrealistic demands on us. We must cope. Tina and Erica showed that coping and ot dwelling make the world of difference. Mitch showed that a plan of attack often means making the hard call of opting to do something that others may not like.

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