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Every day my kids have opportunities to feel proud and to want me to encourage them even further.

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But rather than say, “Good job, that makes me so happy,” I try to find a way to focus it on their efforts. In short, encouraging statements keep the task/ action/ problem/ accomplishment about the child, not about the parent.

  1. I love you.
  2. I know you don’t like doing this, and I thank you for doing it anyway. It really helps.
  3. I’m listening.
  4. I appreciate your cooperation.
  5. Thanks for helping.
  6. I have faith that we can find a respectful solution.
  7. You are capable.
  8. I love you.

Our children need to know that you love them. It’s not always easy to make yourself available to communicate with your children. But you must. Children do hear you. Start with these simple sentences today.

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