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The New York Times posted an article confirming my assessment that Generation Y, also known as “Millennials” are a bunch of confused, socially inept tech junkies who lack basic communication skills and pretty much suck at dating. Unfortunately “the hook up culture” has destroyed courting leaving a trail of emotionally broken women fighting for scraps and lazy men who can get sex and companionship with minimal effort and no real commitment. That is why relationship pimps like Steve Harvey are able to write a New York Times Bestseller giving women horrible advice about how to get a man. Dummies everywhere ate that book up because they are so desperate to find companionship and willing to sell their souls to Lucifer just to have a warm male body to claim as their own. I’m blaming it all on feminism. Yeah I said it. That’s my default for 2013.

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Feminism has left a relationship vacuüm resulting in confused women who do not know how to interact with men thus making them more vulnerable to exploitation by relationship predators. This ideology has attacked femininity in women and promoted misandry. Instead of equality, this movement created a gender war between men and women. In the romance department, heterosexual women are at a huge disadvantage because feminism has brainwashed them into thinking that men are bad, emasculation is good, and if you choose to have sex with men, getting ran through by “randoms” is okay because you are strong independent woman fighting for equality and embracing your sexuality. NEWSFLASH, being a slut does not make you enlightened or empowered. A woman diminishes her power when she carelessly gives herself away to unworthy men.

In today’s society anyone advising women not to  screw random guys is engaging in  slut shaming. Let’s get scientific for a moment. Having sex with random people increases one’s chances of catching diseases; unwanted pregnancies which could lead to abortions, and psychological damage. Women who make these poor life choices are often left mentally and emotionally damaged and unable to have healthy romantic relationships with the opposite sex.

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