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The Rance Allen Group’s musical history is comprised memories from various points of their career. Many of the group’s early musical memories were made during their years at Stax Records. This renowned, Memphis-based label played an integral role in launching the career of the Rance Allen Group and set the stage for many of their beloved hit songs.

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Along with celebrating over 40 years in music, the Rance Allen Group will honor Stax Records during the Black History Month/Stax Museum 10th Anniversary Celebration.

On February 5th, the Rance Allen Group will perform during the Stax Music Academy Black History Month musical event, “The Sacred Side of Soulsville”, at the Cannon Center for Performing Arts, 255 N. Main Street in Memphis, TN.

“Sacred Side of Soulsville” is a taste of how Stax and the Soulsville Community have impacted the world. The concert will include music by The Rance Allen Group, selections composed by Herbert Brewster and Lucie B. Campbell and more who are connected to the Soulsville legacy.

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The Rance Allen Group will perform during two concerts, 10:00am for select schools and 7:30pm for the general public.

This performance will be very special because the Rance Allen Group will close out the grand finale and pay homage to Stax Records through music that is deemed sacred and timeless to the Stax Museum and Music Academy.

The Rance Allen Group’s current project Amazing Grace and documentary Music Majors includes great interviews where the group shared memories of live concerts and recordings during their time at Stax.

For More Information about the Sacred Side of Soulsville event please visit:

http://www.staxmuseum.com/events/news/view/stax-museum-celebrates-10th-anniversary or contact:

Tim Sampson 901-485-8735 / tim.sampson@soulsvillefoundation.org.

Amazing Grace is a celebration of the life and career of the Rance Allen Group.

The 2-disc CD/DVD set is a one-of-a-kind, audio and visual collection.

Fans will also go on a journey with the documentary Music Majors: The Rance Allen Group. The film chronicles the life of Rance, Tom and Steve Allen from their early days in Monroe, OH to becoming Grammy Award nominees and performing on BET’s Celebration of Gospel. Music Majors features rare interviews with Kirk Franklin, James Fortune, Isaac Caree, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Keith Wonderboy Johnson, Shirley Murdock, Paul Porter and more.