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I am Lindsay Marsh M.D., CEO and creative director of an exciting, new clothing line, Worth The Wait, LLC. The company’s aim is to attract ages thirteen through adult singles, presenting a radical yet provocative image for sexual purity.

Mission Statement:

Worth The Wait, LLC is an innovative clothing label that promotes sexual purity with contemporary style and urban class. Clothing with a message and a mission, Worth The Wait, LLC is committed to high fashion trends and styles, yet upholds the standard of godly taste and integrity. Worth The Wait, LLC is sexual purity expression urban wear for males and females. Crossing traditional barriers, this fashion label serves customers in faith-based, non-profit, community, public and private sectors. This unconventional clothing label caters to those who desire to be sexually pure, while maintaining their own finesse and flavor. We endeavor to revolutionize the traditional image of sexual abstinence, through clothing that is attractive, appealing and stylish. Worth The Wait, LLC is not a clothing label boasting of one’s perfection, but rather a label exhibiting renewal and restoration for all. The company’s aim is to inspire and bring out the true virtuous diva that God has called all young women to be, and to bring out the 100% man of valor, that God has called all men to be. All are welcome to join the Worth The Wait Revolution.

I woke up one morning in October 2005, and I heard the Lord speak to me inwardly, “Lindsay, you are worth the wait!” I thought about it, and I repeated the statement and boldly declared, “I am worth the wait!” Then, God allowed me to imagine seeing that same statement on a shirt as a bold witnessing tool for sexual purity. Suddenly, Worth The Wait, LLC was conceived!

I am a 32-year-old physician, entrepreneur, ordained minister, as well as an attractive, accomplished young woman, who has made a decision to keep my virginity until marriage. I’m not perfect. I have definitely experienced close calls and moments when things simply went a little too far. I have had close encounters, as well as, challenging times of compromise, but through and by God’s grace and outstanding instruction from my Pastors, I have found great satisfaction and fulfillment in pursuing a life of sexual purity. I write this, not to boast, but to share my heart as a young woman whom God has allowed to represent this delicate, yet powerful and provocative message of sexual purity. Let’s redefine a few words. The word ‘virgin’ is an awesome word. The word ‘abstinence’ is an empowering word. Furthermore, the word ‘holiness’ is a revolutionary word.

What is the demand?

The fashion/retail industry is a growing, thriving industry with unparalleled influence on teenagers, college students and young adults. Additionally, the HIV/AIDS epidemic is also increasing, along with the STD and teen pregnancy national statistics. The need and the overall demand for sexual purity and sexual abstinence is great. Worth The Wait, LLC is a wonderful vehicle to inspire change. Worth The Wait, LLC proposes sexual purity from an appealing, attractive, relevant standpoint, crossing cultural barriers, creating a platform for abstinence education. Worth The Wait, LLC is the perfect supplement to any sexual education curriculum, abstinence campaign or sexual health forum. Worth The Wait, LLC apparel is an outreach tool that crosses the barriers of a church sanctuary. The Worth The Wait, LLC message can enter schools, grocery stores, runways, concerts, etc…perpetuating the theme of sexual purity in all of its new found glory and splendor. It is a creative clothing label reaching out, also, to those who might not otherwise be exposed to such a radical, life-changing message. As long as sexual promiscuity, teen pregnancy, and STD’s are rampant, Worth The Wait, LLC will continue to be in high demand, as an outreach-clothing label, to the unsaved, untaught, unchurched, in public and private sectors.

A Message From the President of Worth The Wait, LLC:

I am committed to producing urban, contemporary gear that will glorify God, in the fashion industry. With a commitment to style, high fashion, and the provocative message of sexual purity, Worth The Wait, LLC is sure to create a fashion revolution, as well as a global shift in the current sexual purity images of our day. This will be a very profitable and rewarding endeavor: a foreseen revolution!

Our future plans are to regionally, nationally and internationally conduct the Worth The Wait Revolution Tour, which will be a year-round series of runway fashion shows, book signings/events, and multimedia Worth The Wait/sexual abstinence outreach ministry, to encompass a radical, revolutionizing sexual purity empowerment event. This tour will be conducted in faith-based, non-profit, for-profit, educational and secular realms. Worth The Wait Revolution, the non-profit arm of the company (Worth The Wait, LLC) officially sponsors and conducts ministry workshops, self-empowerment seminars, devotional sessions, etc…from a present-day, current biblical perspective.

These events are supported by the generous friends and partners of the Worth The Wait Revolution through personal, corporate, ministry-affiliated, government donations, gifts, contributions, grants and the like.

Dr. Lindsay Marsh is an anesthesiologist, author and sexual purity advocate. A 32 year of virgin, she is author of The Best Sex of My Life: a guide to purity. Her sexual purity outreach, Worth The Wait Revolution, Inc represent sexual purity with contemporary style and urban class. Learn more at www.iamworththewait.com
To purchase shirts or inquire about speaking engagements, contact Lindsay Marsh, MD or find out more information, call 301-505-5000

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