Update: Fred released the following video.

Update # 2

Ok family I’m just leaving my check up, and always there’s good news and bad news.

Bad news: unfortunately I’m not a candidate for the procedure.

Good news: all my deep Veins in my leg are are flowing and circulating as they should with not one bad deep vein. and the med to small veins are not at an alarm level. They said I could treat’m but no guarantee this would make a diff.

They really couldn’t find anything.


So they said I could try some stockings… Lol

I’m put’n em right own!!!


I think i’ll see a muscular specialist next.

Thank you for your prayers and support.


Fred  Hammond has been a very busy man as of late. Super busy in fact.  Early this morning he shared some private thoughts. let’s Lift him up in prayer. He has been working on  this new project United Tenors and the music is just amazing!

Here is what he posted on his Facebook page.

It’s 3:47am friday the 18th of january and in a few hours around 10:30am I’m going to have a procedure done on my legs to see if I’m a candidate to have another procedure that will relieve and correct the chronic pain I’ve been living with for over 10 years. This issue is hereditary and was passed on me so I’m praying I’m a candidate.

To walk or stand for any length of time has been excruciating, especially on stage or a pulpit for over an hour, by the time i finish BLESSED I almost need a wheelchair but I got waaaay to much pride for that lol.

Or the things most take for granted like a walk through hood or the Sub or park, Grocery shopping,( yes i still do it sometime), or getting out of low chair, riding in a car for more then 15 min and parking a small distance away, or walk from concourse to concourse in an airport. and STEPS… are truly thee enemy.

I know folks have said i need to loose weight and i’ll feel better, like I said its passed down from my previous generation, because after close to 70lbs weight loss the pain is still almost unbearable.  And here’s another emotionally painful point. As much as I’m a musician/singer I am/was an equally talented athlete. And to not be able to run up and down the court with my son is… Well the heartbreak is indescribable.

At 15 he’s gifted with the Rock, but I know even at 52 I’d shake his shoes left then right then BOOM… BOTTOMS!! Lol.

I’m praying this is the blessing I’ve been waiting for so the quality of my everyday life can greatly improve to normal.

But if this procedure is not for me… I won’t complain, i’ll remember that theres someone out there whose life is not as positive as mine and would love to upgrade to my problem,

I’ll remember calvary and HIS PAIN and how this lite affection does not compare to HIS suffering, and the truth that HIS grace is sufficient for me, (more then i need) and HIS strength is made perfect in my weakness,

and i will worship till the end.

Blessings on you all family.

Love ya.

Let’s lift him up in healing prayer.

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