When I first heard the news, that Omarosa, Reality TV’s most infamous bad girl had enrolled in seminary, the cynic in said, “Oh great! Just what we need one more jackleg precher who’s gonna pimp the gospel for personal gain.” For those of us who witnessed her back-biting, lying, and bratty behavior (you know you remember how she stormed back into the conference room after she was fired to beg The Donald for her job back) on the first season of The Apprentice, it might be pretty hard to believe that the once villainous she-devil has now become a virtuous minister of the gospel.

Or is it? Certainly “stranger” things have happened where The Holy Spirit is concerned. Does anyone remember the zealous and dedicated Christian-hunter, Saul of Tarsus? How about the infamous serial killer, David “The Son Of Sam” Berkowitz?

Once rebuked by the Holy Spirit, I was actually encouraged. Miss Omarosa gives me hope. If we witnessed her true self on reality TV, then i can say in all honesty, my girl was a hot mess. And trust me, anyone who knew Sheeri Caldwell Mitchell B.C. (and even A.D. depending on what day you catch me) would be justified in saying the exact same thing.  We won’t talk about how I refused to take my husband’s last name our first year of marriage, or how I once stapled his dirty clothes to the wall in protest of his leaving them on the floor. Well – maybe later I’ll blog about it.  But back to Miss Omarosa. She may dial it back, but all that passion and that take charge personality (under the direction of the Holy Spirit) will prove just as useful  in the kingdom as they were in the world.

I have a very close friend who used to be a crip. She was harder than most guys in her set. She was the one who when the call went out, rode in the front seat with the sawed-off on her lap – ready for whatever. By all accounts, she was a soldier  – a warrior. When she got saved, she brought that same loyalty and determination to the Lord. And let me tell you, he has used it to make her an amazing minister of the gospel. And when I am in need of prayer, she is one of the first people I call, because she prays the same way she used to gang-bang – with a heart determined to take out the enemy.

Before I met and married Mykel, I once dated a man I cared for very deeply. He was a good man, smart, funny, relatively handsome and very arrogant. The problem in our relationship was that the Holy Spirit had begun to speak to my heart about going deeper in my walk, but this man was not interested in spiritual growth at all. When I realized that God was urging me to become celibate, I told this man. He scoffed at my decision and told me that he didn’t know if he could be in a relationship with any woman without sex. I completely understood and did not hold it against him. After all our relationship had been consensual and now I was changing the terms. I also saw that my value to him did not extend beyond the physical. So I knew I had to go. I decided to stop seeing him then, but thought it better not to say anything at that moment.

Later when I came to see him to tell him goodbye, he didn’t seem to care much until I told him why. I explained that since he was not committed to walking with Christ, I could no longer hang out with him. After listening some, he became indignant and accused me of being judgmental. Who was I to say that his walk wasn’t where it should be?  How could I know what was in his heart? He wasn’t hostile or abusive, just offended. Again, I understood, and I took my leave. Gentleman that he was, he walked me to my car and saw me off. It was a civil and dignified exchange.

In the weeks to come, however, I would think of him – not sexually mind you. Sometimes his face would come to mind. Confused, I confided in a friend, who suggested that perhaps the Holy Spirit was prompting me to pray for this young man.  I figured that she must have gotten it wrong because if anyone was unlikely to be saved it was this guy. His hubris was legendary not only on his job, with his friends, but even with people who didn’t know him very well. And in all honesty – he was really cocky.  Where salvation was concerned, I gave up on him before I even started. But the thoughts kept coming – so I prayed – as often as they came – sometimes with compassion, other times as an afterthought.  Eventually the thoughts tapered off and I stopped praying for him altogether.

Then one Sunday, I saw him at my church! I was engaged to be married by this time and was preoccupied with planning the wedding, which left room for little else in my thought life. But I remember thinking it odd that out of all the churches in southern California, he would attend “mine.” Then I thought how bizarre it was that our paths would cross on such a large campus with so many attendees.  So I decided that every time I saw him, I would pray for him. “God bless him, ” or “Save him, Lord,” was as deep as I went.

Then on another, much later Sunday, it happened. I was standing outside of service waiting to go in, when two women nearby, who were on their way out, began to talk excitedly about a young man who responded to the altar call. They named my “friend.”  Embarassment, guilt, shame, and joy fought for dominance in my heart. Here I had arrogantly decided that this young man was out of God’s reach. And I had offered up prayers that more or less at times dared God to save him. It made no human sense that I should be privy to this information. I did not know either of the women involved. And out of all the people who were waiting in the crowd to enter the sanctuary, they had chosen to stop mere inches from me to discuss, loud enough for me to hear, the news about this one man, whom I happened to know. God is so awesome.

Overhearing that conversation did something for me that day. It changed my prayer life forever. It humbled me. It reminded me that God works where, when, and how he wants. He knows whom he has called. If there was ever anyone that I was certain would never humble himself to accept Christ, it was this young man. God proved to me that day, that he was still in the business of saving souls and that his alone is the final word. His desire is that all would be saved. My job is to pray with fervor and to witness in love.  Never since have I judged a person to be unreachable and therefore unworthy of my prayers. I pray for e’rbody who comes to mind or heart these days. And I know that nothing is too hard for God.

So back to Omarosa. Is she for real? I have no idea. Only God truly knows her heart. And quite frankly, it’s none of my business. As my children say, that’s an “A” and “B” conversation. All I know is that she has made a public profession of faith. And if it’s good enough for the Lord, I’m cool, too. Like every other believer there will be moments when she finds it more difficult to live up to her profession of faith than others. To that I say, “Welcome to the club, Honey. I’m the president!” Here’s what I do know. I know from experience that it is much easier to grow and thrive in an atmosphere of approval than one of harsh criticism.  So for once, let’s shut up about a sista and speak blessings over her life instead of curses and doubts. She will get enough of that from the haters out there. Let’s encourage Omarosa in her new endeavor and pray for her strength and integrity.  I’m sure the media is waiting for her to fail. Let’s not join them.

My personal prayer for Miss Omarosa is that God will continually draw her closer and closer to himself and use her to reach those you and I might never meet. I pray that he will give her a fresh anointing to study well and to excel in seminary. What she undertakes is no easy task.

God bless Omarosa Manigault Stallworth!

Be blessed Family!

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