dv1535077African-American women of faith have an important and inspiring new tool to help them bring their Sunday morning experience into their everyday lives. The Sisters in Faith Holy Bible: Encouraging and Empowering African American Women with God’s Truth addresses the concerns of today’s Christian women who are seeking God’s wisdom and guidance in every area of their busy and complex lives. The Bible is currently available in stores and online outlets.

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The beautifully designed Bible was developed by executive editors Michele Clark Jenkins and Stephanie Perry Moore, co-founders of Sisters in Faith, an entity established to create meaningful products designed to encourage and empower African-American women with God’s truth and to address needs and concerns in areas of life that are uniquely challenging to them.

To further assist African-American women on their faith journey, Jenkins and Moore have organized a devotional series that will be held by teleconference. The weekly half-hour calls will be held on Tuesdays, January 15 through March 26 from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. EST. Participation in the weekly teleconference is free and open to women across the country and internationally. The U.S. toll free call-in number is 877-366-0713. The International toll free call-in number is 302-607-2000. The passcode for all callers is 64579954 . See list of topics and facilitators below, visit http://www.TheSistersinFaith.com for regular updates.

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The weekly devotional sessions will be based on the nine features in the Sisters in Faith Holy Bible, as well as other Sisters in Faith books, which relate to scripture and offer insights and guidance in five crucial areas of life: God, Self, Career, Family, and Others. These devotional teleconferences will be led by the editors and contributors to the Sisters in Faith Holy Bible, and will include sessions on Empowered Faith, A Place of Honor, She Speaks, The Heart (New Testament), Raise Him Up, Arise: A Woman’s Relationship with God, Arise: A Woman’s Relationship to her Career, Arise: A Woman’s Relationship to herself, Arise: A Woman’s Relationship to Family, Arise: A Woman’s Relationship to Others, and God’s Wisdom for Sisters in Faith.

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Jenkins has been a longtime executive in the entertainment industry and currently is senior director of the consulting group for Griffin & Strong, PC, Attorneys & Public Policy Consultants. She was co-creator of Real: The Complete New Testament Biblezine, writer/editor of the Children of Color Storybook Bible, and contributed to the Women of Color Devotional Bible and Wisdom and Grace Devotional Bible. Moore has served as co-editor for several Bible projects and is the author of over fifty young adult, inspirational fiction books and four adult titles. The other facilitators are women who live in different areas of the country, are different ages and in different stages of their lives, relationships and careers. They include: Joann Rosario Condrey, a recording artist, worship leader and ordained evangelist; Dr. Helen Delaney is a pastor and chaplain and has an international traveling ministry in Africa and the Caribbean; Vanessa Davis Griggs, a motivational speaker and author of more than thirteen novels; Keren Heath, a writer, entrepreneur and worship leader; Jennifer Keitt, author, host of Today’s Black Woman radio show, and founder of Zakar magazine and the Jennifer Keitt Life Institute for Women; Jamell Meeks, Director of Women’s Ministries for the Salem Baptist Church of Chicago; Kim Chase Tate, an author, attorney and co-founder of the nonprofit ministry, Colored in Christ; and Lakeba Hibbler Williams, a licensed counselor, speaker, trainer, and educator.
“African-American women have long suffered and long loved the Lord in such a way that being Christian and being an African-American woman is synonymous,” say Jenkins and Moore. “But very little Christian product reveals her voice to the body of Christ and almost none has been created to speak directly to her in a way that relates to her life and her struggle. This beautiful Bible, along with the devotionals and other Sisters in Faith books, will be guideposts on a journey for all of us to awaken a new and dynamic spirit.”

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