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When you think about all that you’ve gone through and where you come from the question of why am I here has to have come up at least once or twice. This was me just six months ago as I struggled to stay with a record deal that just went from bad to worse by the minute. Many times we do our best to achieve goals and to accomplish visions that we have for our life only to be disappointed by the obstacles that stand in our way. In this moment the thought of quitting becomes very entertaining. It’s like wanting to take a vacation from a job that although is productive yet stressful. I now know what Paul meant when he said don’t get weary while you are doing “well.” Can you imagine doing great things yet feeling like this is the worst thing I could’ve ever gotten myself into?

The songs from my latest CD all have special meaning most of which I wrote from personal experiences. You see when life seems tough in the midst of while you are trying your best to do what’s “right” chances are you are fulfilling what is known as purpose. Purpose is an ever discovering thing that some never realize before it’s too late. So those of us that do feel the pressure and sometimes pain that true purpose many times includes may want to avoid it. Jesus referred to his purpose in (John 12:27) when he said, “Father save me from this hour, but for this purpose came I into the world.” In the garden we find Jesus praying to God somewhat complex about what he knew to be the truth of his purpose and the pain and price that it would cost for it to be fulfilled. Let’s face it many times we don’t want to know our true purpose because of the price that comes with it. So we fill our lives with busy schedules and meaningless goals only to accomplish them and celebrate for a brief period still yearning for more.

Man’s biggest challenge in life will be to “die” to himself and live for his purpose. The enemy recognizes this and that’s why he wants to destroy you in your selfish stage of mind, to get you to worry about yourself so when you leave this world only you have been affected and no one else. This is what Jesus meant when he said, “that the corn wheat must first die go into the ground before an entire crop of wheat can then be birth” in (John 12:24). You have to sometimes die to selfish conveniences or a comfort level to really fulfill the assignment god has for you. I realized this very thought while in the process of producing this latest CD.  That no matter what, there was a bigger purpose and that people lives were going to be changed and blessed. For this reason I could not just throw in the towel and walk away. As a result I read God’s word and spoke positive allowing my faith to grow. As my faith grew I kept working towards the finished outcome.

This resulted in a completed power packed CD due out August 25th in stores nationwide! Can you imagine had I quit or gave up? What a disappointment that would have been. I don’t know what God has put on your heart to fulfill but whatever it is I am sure it will cost you. For some it may cost everything. If this is the case remember that no matter what, you have to Keep the Faith knowing that this assignment is your purpose.

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