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Between 1946 and 1964, there were 76 million children born, which was an average of more than 4 millionaire births per year.  That growth surge was coined, the “baby boom” generation.  They became known as risk takers, job starters, law changers and more.  They paved the way for their future families to have abundantly more than they.  In 2011, the first born baby boomers began turning 65 and everyday until 2029 (18 years), there will be more than 11,000 men and women entering the age of retirement.  Sadly, the majority of these people will not be able to sit with their toes in the sand on a tropical island.  They will likely have to go back to work – post retirement. Why?  Because unfortunately many of them failed to plan.  And if they DON’T go back to work, they WILL be dependent upon a system to take care of them…a complete oxymoron to the fight they fought.

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I recently sat down with an older couple.  The husband is a baby boomer (he’s 64) and his wife was born during the World War II era (she’s 73).  They both work full time jobs — 9-5,  and have no intention on officially retiring any time soon.  The husband also pastors (part time).   When I met with them, not only were they looking for increased coverage for him but they also wanted some solutions to their investment plan.  They knew that they would not be able to rely solely on Social Security and the only money’s they had were from dead 401k plans, poorly performing CDs and “0” interest savings accounts.  Their “pensions” had long been converted.  Based on their needs, I was able to create a plan of action for them that fit their overall objectives but in order to achieve some of it, they must continue working for the next few years.

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Where did we go wrong that our mothers, fathers and grandparents are having to work well into their “golden years” before they can rest?  What happened to the money that many of the “baby boomers” earned?  Why didn’t anyone share the “rules” on how money works with them so that they would have the opportunity to have a successful financial future?  Many of these questions are simply rhetorical and without answer.  All we can do is fix it by educating men and women, young and old about the importance of becoming the “primary investor”, an owner and not a loaner.  We may not have a lot of time to give the baby boomers what they could have had but we can certainly assist them with achieving what they won’t get if they keep their investments locked in under-performing accounts.  In this way, we at least have the ability to help them not outlive their money.

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