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From TheStranger.com:

…and two daddies. Wait until Bill O’Reilly hears about this:

A Dutch gay group has organized a “Pink Christmas” festival for the first time in Amsterdam, featuring a manger stall with two Josephs and two Marys. Other attractions in the 10-day festival include parties, an open-air market, gay-themed films, an ice skating rink and religious services on Dec. 25….Some Christian groups have protested. The organization Christians for Truth says the idea “mocks the core concepts of Evangelism.”

Since one of the core concepts of evangelism—perhaps its only concept—seems to be rabid homo-hatred, I’d have to agree with Christians for Truth on this one. But is it more or less offensive than that sign the atheists put up in Olympia?

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ALSO, check out the Associated Press report on the “Pink Christmas.”

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