Top Gifts To Play This Holiday Season!

It’s Holiday time and everyone is returning home to their nests. If you are like me you have quite a few visitors. I have always found it helpful to plan group activities.

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It allows for everyone to have fun. It also allows everyone to interact and engage in face to face time. Here are my favorite 5 games that will get everyone participating and talking.

1-Scattergories will allow you to understand how your friends and families think. If you want to get to know how they think. The objective of the 2-to-6-player game is to score points by uniquely naming objects within a set of categories, given an initial letter, within a time limit.

2 -Scene It will satisfy the pop culture junkies in your midst. The game combines questions read from trivia cards or viewed on a television from an included DVD or based on clips from movies, TV shows, music videos, sports and other popular culture phenomena.

3-Taboo is a modern day twist on charades. The object of the game is for a player to have their partner(s) guess the word on their card without using the word itself or five additional words listed on the card.

4-Uno-is a card game played with a specially printed deck. It also has the following electronic versions now that one Xbox Live Arcade PlayStation Network v WiiWare, DSiWare and PlayStation Portable.

5-Monopoly– is the classic game of bluffing and planning. There are many different versions of the game you can play.

Remember holidays are for sharing great time and creating wonderful memories. This is the perfect way to share the time together.

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