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Teachers are important.  Children spend 1,146 instructional hours per year.

Here are 4 life long lessons that a teacher in your life gave you.

# 1  People matter

The idea that people are important and  that they matter  is something you learn when you are taught to share your crayons with someone who does not have any. Kindness goes a long way. When you are nice to people they respond in kind.

#2  Judging people is stupid

Judging may make you feel good temporarily, but eventually it will make you disgusted with yourself and cause problems.  When your teacher reprimanded you for  talking about someone  because their feelings would be hurt you laughed with your friends. Now you are an adult and hate when people place their opinions on you.

# 3  It doesn’t matter what people think of you.

Some people will like you and others may hate you. The truth is, when you are true to yourself, this doesn’t matter. Let them judge you, and take no notice. You will not spend anytime being upset.

# 4  Ask For Help When you need it

When we were children we would ask for help eating, spelling and  coloring. Now you ask for help with shopping, babysitting and other tasks.  Asking for help does not make you weak. It makes you better.

What  did you learn that you use today. Thank a teacher today!