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Pulling out all stops for their sophomore project, Gary Lyon and Living Water plan to shoot and land amongst the stars vocally and spiritually reaching a larger audience than before.

Making a significant commitment to the vision of a greater good, has led to what is now known as one of New England’s most notable Gospel ensembles established in 2005.

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Gary Lyon & Living Water has a unique and distinct presentation that holds its own next to that of any major gospel artist is ready to release their sophomore project bigger and better than before. That Praise, produced by Justin Newry is slated to release digitally on Tuesday, December 18, 2012.

Hear “Power In Your Name” Single

The single “Power In Your Name” aims to draw in its listeners to realize just as its title says the power of the Lords name. With strong leading vocals and a soft but increasing tempo this song appeals to listeners who may need that extra uplift and this song helps them realize Jesus is one prayer away; you just have to call on his name.

Tracks like title track “That Praise”, “Where Would I Be” and “Shake” , which features Ayana McDonald (of Bobby Perry & R.A.I.N) fuse the fundamentals of traditional gospel sound, with the stylistic flair of contemporary gospel, all the while staying true to the spirit of the eternal truths of the good news, which is Gods news.

Under the direction of Gary Lyon, a native of North Carolina, a soloist who garnered most of his success with the award-winning North Carolina A&T State University Gospel Choir is proud to be working with Living Water. As a director Gary Lyon gained experience working across Greensboro, NC and in Boston.

‘’I have worked with a number of artist and groups but it is just something about the uproot of Living Water, the cohesion that we all share and the impact we have on audiences, keeps me loving what I do’’ says Gary Lyon.

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