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Everyone has a past… Some great and some small. However lets be real!!!!!

Reality is no woman wants a man who isn’t focus or has no future plans for their lives (trifling) and no man wants a women who past is over the top (ratchet) in our slang terms. We can make it spiritual not to many Hosea situations anymore that I know of.

However, I would like us to look at it from a practical standpoint and decide to make the right choices from this point on to position ourselves for the very best that life has for us.( Male and Female) We can’t change our past but we can frame our futures by the choices we make moving forward.

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As I close the purpose of this dialogue was to challenge you to make right choices. While some are upset because I chose certain words . Jesus used parables (stories and language pertaining to the culture) in order to get his message across. Jesus was known for upsetting the religious community however he was not swayed by the comments of those who disagreed. Jesus stayed the course and so will I because he’s great company :-)

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Even though the Blood of Jesus washes away sin, reputations can still be tarnished. And even though it may not disqualify you, It could affect you in you future. Reality is that from biblical times until now there has been a double standard. Remember the woman caught in adultery? They only brought her and not the man and sadly its still the same today. So ladies while u are upset about what I said or how I said it which was done for a reason, Examine your choices and make sure that you don’t do what feel good now but whats going to position u for greater later in your future.

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