The holidays can make you feel lonely. As you face another holiday season, know that you are not alone.

There are  two true lonely moments in life. They are  when we enter and exit life.

That we’re born alone has never struck me as all that unfortunate since I’m taking it on faith that a newborn doesn’t have a sufficiently developed brain to actually record the state of loneliness. That we die alone, however, seems nothing less than terrifying. Who wouldn’t like company in the process of becoming extinct?

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If you have friends to talk to, and yet you still feel lonely, you should stop and ask yourself, why?  Maybe the relationships you have aren’t as fulfilling as you’d like them to be.  Maybe you need to go out there and make some new friends who can satisfy the need for a deeper relationship.  Maybe you should take one of your present relationships to a deeper level.  Something to think about.

Repeat today: I am not alone.

Take today to start a new meaningful season in your life as you realize that there is a world that wants and needs you.

Getting involved in some sort of activity or club can accomplish several things. It can take our minds off of feeling lonely as we get involved in the enjoyable activity. It can actually change our mood directly in this way. It can give us opportunities to meet people with similar interests and practice our people-meeting skills. It can provide some structure in our lives so that we have things to look forward to.

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