I was cleaning our church the other day and looking at how hard the facility is used. It’s been around a long time. God knows we desperately need a new building. If I’m going to be honest it made me very angry at how the people were treating MY church. Why am I the one who has to clean this? I kept wondering what was on that wall. Gross. Then, God checked me.

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First, if I’m doing this as unto the Lord then I shouldn’t be murmuring. Second, I use this facility as much as the next person, so the responsibility falls on me as well. I am not too good to do this job. I explained to God, ” Lord You see this. You know we need a new place. I’m tired of duct taping this place together.” Yes, I am from the south. We duct tape everything. Then God, in His sweet, patient way explained back to me that He is not obligated to give us more until we are faithful with what we have.

We want God to give us something better, yet we haven’t taken care of the few things we already possess. Remember the parable of the talents? The master gave three servants a different amount of silver. Two servants invested and made more silver, but the third servant did nothing with his. The master returned, saw the faithfulness of the two servants and rewarded them with more. However, the one who did nothing with his share was stripped of everything he owned (Matthew 25:15-30). I don’t want this to be my fate. When Jesus returns I want him to find me expending all of my efforts and talents for Him. I have to hear Him say, “Well done good and FAITHFUL servant.” As I head out to clean the church today I won’t complain, but instead I’ll be thankful for what we have, while fixing what’s broken.

Lesson learned.


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