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Okay  sometimes we are hard on our Pastors. It may be undeserved. It may be well deserved. But, did Creflo Dollar seriously say  that any bad mouth about your pastor would get  cursed? What??

Appointed authority is not always great authority.

I think every pastor has had his share of people in the parish who were not pleased with something about his ministry. After all pastors are not perfect and  make their share of mistakes. Our Lord instructed us that when we have a problem with someone we should go talk to them in an effort to resolve it ( Matthew 18). If it is not resolvable at that level, then we take an elder or other official to speak with the person again to resolve the issue. It does not however take into consideration our new social media world.  I don’t believe God will smite you down if you speak again your pastor.

I don’t think  Jesus is on twitter.  I could be wrong.

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(Thanks AT2W.com for the heads up on this craziness)