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At this years SEC football (South Eastern Conference) Media Day Tim Tebow was asked by a reporter if he was still a Virgin? Now what that has to do with Football I will never know.  Was the question out of line?  Well, yes and No.  Here’s why.  It was a reasonable question because Tim answered it. Another reason why he asked that question was partly do to the Internet, the music and the videos our kids listen to along with the glorification of sex and looking sexing.

For a Superstar athlete not to be partaking in some type of sexual act is not the norm these days.

Now from a Christian perspective and for all the kids to know that yes Tim Tebow is a Virgin. It was a great question to ask!!! This adds more fuel to the fire that I am starting with my son along with millions of other parents whose kids are exiting elementary and entering junior high and high school and talking to their kids about staying a virgin until their married. So, thank you Tim Tebow for now following the crowd and staying faithful to what you believe in.

On the other hand it was not an appropriate question to ask because his personal life is not our concern and none of the other players were asked if they were virgins. So are we to assume that the other players in attendance are sex crazed student athletes? Is Tebow the only Christian football player in the SEC? No!!!  This was just some young hack reporter trying to get a laugh out of this colleagues and I am sure they don’t consider him anything of the sort asking those types of questions. He was trying to get a rise out of Tebow and that’s not his job.  Save it for Letterman or Leno funny guy.

After all that “Yes, I am, and I am saving myself for marriage” said Tebow. He had become the only college athlete in the country who will be asked in a public forum to discuss such a private matter.

He’s a proud Christian, determined to be a role model for fans and fellow players. Tebow never avoids his faith, and so far he has been able to avoid, withstand and conquer all of the temptations thrown his way.   There would have been a huge fire storm if he would have said “No I am not a Virgin” Immediately he would have been called a charlatan, a fraud, a fake and all the respect he had with his teammates and coaching staff would have went out of the window. But he not any of those things, I admire and respect Tebow for being honest and for not being afraid to stand up for Christ and show the world that Christians are not soft-hearted push over’s who cower down in the face of adversity.

In the beginning I was not a fan of Tim Tebow as a player. I thought everyone was making a big deal about this tough quarterback out of Florida’s Nease High school. I was sure there was no way he could play quarterback in the SEC the way he played it with such reckless abandon in high school. I was positive he would get hurt and never win a National Championship playing the way he played.

It was not his on the field play that made me a believer.  It was his story or better yet his father’s story that led to the “man-crush” I now have on Tebow.  Bob Tebow http://www.btea.org/ has an Evangelistic Association that goes to the Philippines for missionary work and ESPN 2 sent a film crew down with Bob and it was phenomenal.

From then on I was sold on Tim Tebow and his family.  He could have lost all his game and I would still be a fan. Now he inspires me to be great!!  There is Youtube footage of Tim going into prisons telling inmates about and leading them to Christ. It is incredible!!

So, to see all the success he is having is not surprising to me at all. I would be shocked if he didn’t win another National Championship. Although I am a USC fan and yes we should have played Florida in the last two National title games. After watching his career and seeing the favor he has with the GOD,  I still believe that the Lord through Tim Tebow would have found some way to win those games.  He embodies the scripture Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”

And as Christ continues to make him stronger there is nothing he that will stop him. He is a winner, he is succeeding, he is Tim Tebow.

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