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Princess Sofia hasn’t even seen the light of day on the Disney Channel, and she’s already causing a stir over at the House of Mouse.

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A few days ago, we told you all about Disney’s first “Latina princess,” who will be making her debut on the Disney Channel on November 18th. Though her “non-stereotypical Latina” look was seen as a positive thing by some folks (because she demonstrates — correctly — that Latinos are not a monolithic entity, but a rich blend of cultures from a variety of regions, and who range from moreno to rubia in genotype), her “non-traditional” look also caused a firestorm of controversy amongst other folks.

But there’s a chance that Disney’s response to this firestorm may only serve to add more logs to the fire. Senior Vice President of Original Programming for Disney Junior Worldwide Nancy Kanter, as well as Co-Executive Producer and Writer Craig Gerber, issued the following statement (Latina Magazine, via Fox News Latino):

“Princess Sofia is a mixed-heritage princess in a fairy-tale world. Her mother is originally from an enchanted kingdom inspired by Spain (Galdiz) and her birth father hailed from an enchanted kingdom inspired by Scandinavia. Sofia was born and raised in Enchancia, which is a make-believe ‘melting pot’ kingdom patterned on the British Isles. Sofia considers herself a normal Enchancian girl like any other. Her mixed heritage and blended family are a reflection of what many children today experience.”

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