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The Sisters in Faith Holy Bible: Encouraging and Empowering African-American Women with God’s Truth is expected to address the concerns of today’s Christian women who are seeking God’s wisdom and guidance in every area of their busy and complex lives.

The Bible will be available January 1, 2013 in stores and online.

This beautifully designed Bible will have a unique African-American perspective, thanks to executive editors Michele Clark Jenkins and Stephanie Perry Moore. Michele and Stephanie are the co-founders of Sisters in Faith, an entity established to create meaningful products that encourage and empower African-American women with God’s truth, and address the needs and concerns of life that are particularly challenging to the women in this culture.

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“African-American women have a different history and a different presence from any other demographic,” said Jenkins. “Their history is characterized by strength in the face of instability; making a-way out of no-way and self-definition in the face of a lost identity.  A substantial number of African-American women are working mothers and oftentimes single mothers. Most are looking to cut a new path. The Sisters in Faith Bible is designed to speak directly to the specific needs of this group of women.”

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“African-American women have long suffered and long loved the Lord in such a way that being Christian and being an African-American woman is synonymous,but very few Christian products reveal the African-American woman’s voice to the body of Christ and almost none have been created to speak directly to her in a way that relates to her life and her struggle. This will be a journey to awaken a new and dynamic spirit for these women.”

Jenkins is the Senior Director of the Consulting Group for Griffin & Strong, P.C. and specializes in entertainment contracts and business development. She is the author of numerous faith-based books and co-editor of several Bible projects.  Moore has also served as co-editor for several Bible projects and is the author of over fifty young adult, inspirational fiction books and four adult titles.

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The Sisters in Faith Bible is a sister-to-sister guide through the Word of God that demonstrates how the Word is active and practical for every part of life, including a sister’s interaction with God, herself, her family members, her career and co-workers and others. Featured sections will include:

The Heart—an enriching overview of each book of the Bible, which describes its content and theme, and includes personal insight from one of the contributors, telling how each book specifically spoke to her heart.

Arise!—devotionals that have been developed by women to share their understanding of God’s Word in ways that directly address women’s issues and concerns.  These fifty devotionals address topics such as church, prayer life, parents, marriage, divorce, children, accountability, forgiveness, jealousy, friendship, trust, leadership, stress management, money, organization, work ethic and many more.

Quest and Discovery—questions and answers that address some of life’s most difficult situations head-on and the truth in the Scripture that makes rising above the challenges of life seem attainable.

She Speaksinviting, first-person accounts that allow the reader to look at life through the eyes of the women in the Bible, as they relate to the joys, sorrows, victories, and defeats of these sisters from long ago.

 Notes to Self—fifty snippets of wisdom that include Biblical insight, the supporting Scripture, and a personal resolution to challenge and encourage the reader.

A Place of Honor—lessons of faith gained through the lives of ten Biblical women of African descent.

Lyrical Expressions—five poems that address real-life dilemmas and the resulting drama. Each poem will lead the reader to the realization that the only true help for these situations is through God.

Empowered Faith—motivational articles to help readers find the trust and confidence we are called to place in God and the people He has given us to enhance our lives, and also to help readers understand that through the Word of God, we are empowered to live fruitful, abundant lives, fully engaged in the pursuit of healthy relationships with God and others.