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Marvin Sapp, Kirk Franklin and Israel Houghton and Donnie McClurkin, The King’s Men, brought the crown of Christ to Barclay’s Theater in a non- stop rousing praise-fest like none I have ever seen.

From the start of the show to the very end you are left in a glow of life bouncing on your feet and waving your hands. Each one of the men showcased  their songs and stories in well thought out segments.

Watch this exclusive message:The King’s Men Tour: Donnie McClurkin’s Message For You! [VIDEO]

Without being preachy or over the top the men were able to deliver the good news of the gospel and get others to bond.

Some of the reviews from last night:

  • “Lord.. what a blessing this show is.”
  • “Not corny but real. That’s what i am talking about.”
  • “I never knew you could get joyful talking about God.”
  • “Better than anything I have ever seen in gospel concerts.”

The audience was a mix of many who were followers but some who were coming just out of curiosity.The spirit filled call and responses sent some dancing to the aisles with the spirit! Mavin Sapp’s deeply personal solo set  left people weeping. Kirk the enterprising showman exemplified the  title “Gospel’s Showman”. Israel Houghton told a moving story about his mother that  moved one young woman  seated behind me to weep openly and  repeat over and over, “Me too”. Amber Bullock and  Isaac “Ike Nice” Carree add the dose of youth  that inspires hope in you that gospel music has a future.

Keep your eyes peeled because you may be seeing this show on television soon!

After leaving the show, the vibe was one of hope and peace. One young man passed me headed down into the subway humming the tunes from the show. His step seemed lighter and his burden less.

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Here is just a taste of what the show is like.