TD Jakes presented his  20th Anniversary celebration  of  Woman Tho Art Loosed  to a crowded arena in Atlanta. The October 4-6, 2012, event  featured several prominent church speakers besides Jakes, including his wife, First Lady Serita Jakes, Pastor Sheryl Brady, the campus pastor of The Potter’s House of North Dallas, best-selling author and speaker Dr. Cindy Trimm of Trimm International, and Pastor Paula White.

He pointed out the following during his sermon:

There are two aspects of faith that are critical for you to make it through this world.Number one, you have to believe in God. If you don’t believe in God there are some things for which there is no answer, no rationale, and no comfort. People will become sort of being what you need when you need it. You will spend the rest of your life searching through people who are just as broken as you are trying how to get it together. You must believe in God.

But I’m going to tell you something tonight. Believing in God is not enough because I also want to remind you that the Bible said the demons believe and tremble. The second area of belief is critical and this is an area where even Christian believers are often attacked. We do good in believing in God. Some of us were raised believing in God and if you got that part real good the enemy comes along and tries to destroy the ability to believe in yourself. He will show you all kinds of reasons to make you think that you don’t have it … He is always throwing up something in your face to get you not to believe in yourself.

Here is Bishop Jakes preaching from the arena:

A special hang out  was created for those who could not attend. You can view it here!

What do  you think? Did anything jump out at you?

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