Prosperity ministers preach that God rewards the faithful with wealth and spiritual gifts.

If you’ve ever listened a prosperity preacher, you’ve probably heard some of the outrageous lines, often broadcasted to millions via televangelist and Christian radio shows.  I won’t be quoting any names.

That is not fair nor just. I will say that anyone  that tells you that you must  give in the next ten minutes, might be suspect.Many have been ultimately turned off from the church community by the constant pleading for money.

One young woman describes her struggle in this video:

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Nowhere has the prosperity gospel flourished more than among the poor and the working class. Told that wealth is a sign of God’s grace and favor, followers strive for trappings of luxury they can little afford in an effort to prove that they are blessed spiritually. If you are truly in God’s will, than you must seek God and heavenly rewards not earthly treasures.

What do you think?

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