Mitt Romeney kills big birdPBS is the last bastion of culture that is not commercialized, pop cultured trash.

-PBS reaches nearly 73 million people each week through on-air and online content. They do so without using commercial dollars to infuse or sell children or adults product.  It is still a channel of high standards that educates, informs and enlightens.

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There are still many people in our country who do not have cable and would lose the opportunity to see thorough news reports and children’s programming.

-PBS pioneered arts & entertainment on television; now we have a dedicated A&E cable channel and a couple of others like it. It is the last vestige  that allows you to see concerts of stars  in past days. The music specials that focus on music from days gone and present times by are stellar. Not all of us are 17 and  chomping at the bit for the next Nicki Minaj video. In addition, the quality of the scripted dramas such as  “Call The Midwife” raises the bar for  the arts.

– PBS helped animal documentaries gain a foothold on television; now there’s an entire cable channel for animals. NOVA, a leading show still draws millions to view the wonders of the world.

-PBS helped introduce and support non-commercial, quality children’s programming. Standard channels no longer offer  children’s programming during the day. Gone are the days that we could turn on a channel and see afternoon after school programming. ( After-school Special anyone?) Teachers still rely on and partner with many of the programs that are on the air. The Cat in The Hat is a perfect example. They offer teaching course as well. In this day and age where technology is key, PBS has stepped out  to lead the fight  by  creating a highly developed collaborative and critical thinking skills program  that allows teachers to better their  students needs to meet standards and perform in high-stakes testing arenas.

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The percentage of Americans who think their nation’s culture is superior has declined in the past decade, according to Pew — in 2007, 55 percent called American culture superior, while about 60 percent did so in 2002.Coming from a party that believes that American culture “is great and should triumph the greatness of its spirit” Mitt Romney is sorely off base.

Cutting PBS funding is the equivalent of sending everyone home to stare at  4 walls.  His continued arrogance and disinformation  of everyday lives is  staggeringly pathetic. Removing PBS,  which is  the leader in sharing, educating and informing the audience of all things cultural and edifying in our culture is murderous.

Already, between 10 and 15 million homes — out of 100 million homes in the US — do not subscribe to any kind of cable or satellite TV, usually because none is available in the area. This leaves many to depend on what they have available in their local markets.  Mr. Romney,  you will kill our last hope at passing on arts, news and anything that is wholesome,  that is left in our lives.  I can hear the cries on Sesame Street.

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