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God has a way of getting our attention through obedient scribes.  As a grateful member of God’s “Ready Writer Team,” I enjoy sharing reviews of books by those I consider to be brothers and sisters in the battle as we wield our pens and/or keyboards. Recently, more and more powerful authors are being brought to our attention with messages to the Body of Christ and to those in the world who will listen.

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In WALK IN GENERATIONAL BLESSINGS, Joseph Mattera challenges the Body of Christ to connect the past, present, and future by thinking and acting generationally. Stopping cultural decline cannot be accomplished by government, with science and technology, or on the battlefields of clashing civilizations, but only in the heart of our society–the home.
Does the Christian worldview include concerns regarding the economic crisis this election cycle? In “Good Returns: Making Money by Morally Responsible Investing,” George Schwartz and Lou Holtz offer time-tested wisdom on the complexities of the investment process; advice on how to invest in a morally responsible way; and information on how to screen and exclude companies according to a clear set of faith-based criteria: those who support or service the abortion industry, producers and distributors of pornography, and companies involved in embryonic stem cell research. This guide demonstrates that high returns are achievable without supporting companies that do not support similar values. Also included is insightful commentary on the current political policies affecting the country’s financial state.

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Recently, my friend Wall Builders founder David Barton and I presented economic insight at Martin Gillespie’s (Executive Director of American Majority Action) voter education rally. The next day we joined a host of prayer warriors at America for Jesus (available on www.God.tv/America-for-Jesus).
On the way to the airport, I listened to Joe Mattera’s powerful message online. He preached “How America exchanged God for gods” at a predominately African American Church. It was a “the one who has ears to hear” moment that bears sharing.
Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention links of interest and a few books by yours truly, available at www.kingforamerica.org.  WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST JESUS, LIFE AT ALL COSTS, I DON’T WANT YOUR MAN, I WANT MY OWN and others are there for your library. Also, please visit www.africanamericanoutreach.com, www.Godsaid.org; and www.newindependentchristianparty.com. It might bless you  take a moment and check out these ministry resources.

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