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Sometimes it may be hard to imagine houses of worship as prime areas for  crime, but in reality, churches may pose more of an opportunity for crime than other facilities in our society.

Those who commit criminal acts look for and take advantage of opportunity and aren’t usually concerned if the victim is a member of the house of worship.

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Here is just a sampling of the things that are happening.

-A Joliet-area priest removed from ministry over an allegation of sexual abuse has been reinstated because his alleged relationship with a teenager in the 1970s did not meet the criteria of a crime under church law at that time, according to the Joliet Diocese. Starting this weekend, the Rev. F. Lee Ryan will minister to home-bound parishioners of St. Edmund Catholic Church in Watseka, south of Kankakee, and St. Joseph Mission in Crescent City, the diocese said in a statement.

– Darrell Wayne Blair is the pastor at New Breed Christian Center in Fort Worth, Texas was arrested Monday and booked into the Crowley Jail, on charges of sexual assault. According to a Crowley Police report, a warrant was issued for his arrest on Monday morning and around 4 p.m. By Monday afternoon Blair turned himself into police where he was arrested and booked into jail. Pastor Blair immediately posted out on a $25,000 bond and was released.

– Des Moines Pastor Arrested with First Degree Theft Charges Des Moines Police Department says a pastor who became a volunteer assistant chaplain was arrested last Friday for felony theft.

– A youth minister at Holy Trinity Catholic Church is expected to receive third degree criminal sexual conduct charges involving a young female.

– L.A. Youth Pastor Accused of Lewd Acts on Child A Los Angeles youth pastor has been arrested and charged with committing lewd acts on a 15-year-old in San Bernardino. A 43 year old Rene Andrade was being held in San Bernardino County Jail as police continued their investigation.

It makes you wonder if they appreciate the fact that they are suppose to be Christ’s representative on Earth.

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Big thanks goes to our friends over at AToast2Wealth for calling out and keeping people in the know of church crimes.