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President Obama’s campaign trail for a second term will include a lot of handshaking and kissing babies. But only Obama can do it with such grace and coolness that it will never get old. Regardless if it’s a fist-bump, high-five or swagged out handshake, a greeting from President Obama is on everyone’s bucket list. Below are 16 ways you wish Barry would greet you:

16. The dap-hug

15. The fist-bump over a game of pool

14. For his right-hand man

13. With a high-five turned into a handshake

12. The secret handshake

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11. At a basketball game

10. When you have to jump for it

9. In front of all of your friends

8. When it includes a thumbs-up

7. During a meeting

6. When you’re too shy to take it

5. For doing something awesome

4. When he has to come down to your level

3. When you’re on your dad’s shoulders

2. When it’s over a game of tennis

1. When a mic drop is involved

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