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Chris Lighty was more than a music executive. He was a pioneer who loved music.  He valued every player on his team. He understood that if you wanted to get ahead  you had to succeed as a team. He knew talent.

If anyone could understand what it took to make something work, it was Chris.

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The music industry and fans took to twitter to express their love and admiration as news of his untimely death broke.

Here is just a sampling of what many had to say:

One of Chris’s last tweets:

I will add  my own personal words. Many years ago, I had the honor of working with him. When you are young and trying to do something, you always seem to be trying to do it by yourself. In other words, you feel alone and low on the totem pole. Chris had a way of including you. Your ideas were never stupid. He listened.  Chris, thank you for always treating me with respect. In an industry where respect often goes to the side for the sake of ego and money , you never let that happen. You will be missed my brother. You will be missed.- Oretha Winston – Lead Editor Elev8