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Beyond the Hollywood scripts, organized crime is not glamorous, and like the above mentioned films—there’s no leaving “The Life” unless you die of natural causes or someone puts a bullet in your back.

Turn on your television now and you will see any form of discussion of television shows.

When the prayer of a woman gets involved, not even “The Life” can thwart God’s plan. Cammy Franzese knows. She’s married to Michael Franzese (“The Yuppie Don”), an ex-high-ranking member of the Colombo crime family syndicate of New York. This devout Christian helped her husband become the first member of the mafia to publicly walk away from a life of crime.

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After his second imprisonment for violating parole (racketeering charges), his new life began. Michael Franzese walked away from the syndicate. There’s still a canopy of danger that exists. Michael currently has a contract on his life. The couple refuses government protection, trusting God all the way. Michael is now shepherding other mafia members who are looking to get out. Cammy told  Beliefnet about her testimony in her new book, This Thing of Ours.

Your mother was a strong prayer warrior. How did that influence you to stand with your husband?

Cammy: My mother was so strong in her faith and her beliefs. Her being that living example for me, instilling in me that life can be difficult and that God never promised everything was going to be lovely here. He promised that he will get you through it. He would be there with you. She said to be faithful and to be obedient to God’s word. God is faithful. In her marriage divorce was not an option. So divorce was not an option for me either. I guess just growing up with that, I wanted to kind of honor God and kind of honor her.

You can read her book now!

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