Start The School Year Off Right: Meet Your Child’s Teacher

Parents who take an active interest in their child’s work and school well-being are one of the biggest contributors to a students’ success.

Make it a priority to meet the teacher.

Find the right time to talk to the teacher. If you are at school, you may run in to teachers and be tempted to ask about how your child is doing. At school, ask the teacher if it is a good time to talk or when is most convenient for him or her. Just before or after school may not be the best times. If you run into a teacher around town, simply exchange pleasantries. This is not the time for a parent-teacher conference.

Remember that the teacher is a person too! They have good days and bad days. Try to always be courteous.

Make sure to share this with other parents. Don’t forget to read:4 Helpful Tips For Families To Start School Year Productive And Positive

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