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Chick-fil-A franchises from coast to coast were reported to have massive crowds during all three mealtimes as “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day”, led by former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, appeared to be a huge success.

The Fox News show host asked Americans to express solidarity with the restaurant following the fallout over gay marriage.

Cars from every possible direction, like a cluster of clogged arteries, were lined up to enter the parking lot of the national chain’s. This scene was repeated over and over again. across the country.

The gallery below is just a few of the photos circulating  the web.

The Maganas, who drove from neighboring Riverside County to Orange County in order to be supportive of friends they grew up with, also saw that the line of people to enter the restaurant wrapped alongside the building and out to the parking area.

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Yesterday  at Chick-fil-a’s Appreciation Day, journalist Jonathan Sampson caught CBS News admitting to biased media ‘gatekeeping’ by not shooting the event once they found out it was not a protest. Watch the below:

Gallery of Photos From Around the Country.