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Meagan Good knows that being Christian is not easy. It also does not mean living a life of silence without creativity or color.

She opted to throw her bachelorette party in Vegas, complete with a burlesque dancewith the PussyCat Dolls but her party didn’t come without criticism.

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After photos hit the net, Meagan was slammed for her decision to do a Vegas dance being that she was marrying a pastor, however, she didn’t let it slide. She took to her twitter and responded:

Let’s get something straight … I wasn’t half naked last night … I was actually very covered up, not showing anymore than I show when I dress up to go to events .,,and let’s get something else straight .. I’m an actress ., there will be many things narrow minded people deem unholy or not 1st lady like … But this is not so..it’s about your relationship with God and your personal convictions …

If you see footage,  you will see I was covered up having fun dancing and enjoying my self with my friends and family and absolutely not doing a striptease …smh people are ridiculous .. Can’t a girl enjoy her bachelorette party in peace?

You she is emphatic that life is dependent on God.

“I almost didn’t do it because I knew there would be backlash but I can’t let people control my life and if God does not convict me about something or tell me that it is wrong, Regardless of what anybody thinks, I have a personal relationship with God. We talk and we speak and I don’t feel convicted about it and so I have to do what’s in my heart and I can’t allow people to manipulate my direction.

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