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Our friends over at  The Church Lady Blogs & AT2W received the craziest update we have seen in awhile on Paula White.

Apparently, a reader attended one of Paula White’s services at her church and was appalled.

We all vividly recall all the Paula White craziness that started this year off. If you do not know what we are talking about you can read it the following stories:Scandal Widens! Another Prominent Person Calls Paula White A Liar!  and DRAMA! Riva Tims Crushed As She Is TURNED AWAY From Zachary’s Church

It should be noted that Paula White previous church before taking over Zachary’s church was Without Walls. Without Walls fell into financial despair and has recently been resurrected by Paul’s ex -husband Randy. Are you confused yet?

Needless to say, many have said something funny was happening  there. Now comes  word that she actually persuaded a community to give above and beyond.

Here is what the woman who was visiting said she witnessed:

By the end of the service, after Paula did a VERY BRIEF altar call (clearly salvation was NOT the top priority on her agenda) and then a quick healing line, she moved on to pray for the “spirit of poverty” to be broken from God’s people.  I knew where she was going when she ‘went there.’  Apparently, a few other discerning souls could read through her too…a few folks started walking out.  But the majority of folks stayed put.  We do too, but I was admittedly only there to observe and record.

  She first called a $1,000 line.  Many of the presiding elders of the 6th District lined up with their checks.She first called a $1,000 line.  Many of the presiding elders of the 6th District lined up with their checks.  She then moved on to the $500 line and then the $250 line.  She even went on to say “if you’ve gotta put it on your credit card, do so.”   Then “everybody else” could bring up their measly seed offerings.  What was appalling to me was the droves of people who lined up to cast there ‘pearls to the swine!’  People with their hard-earned money lining up to give it in hopes that they’ll get much more in return.  That’s just LAZY!  The way to break out of poverty is to educate yourself, exercise healthy money management and find ways to increase your marketability.

5.  By the way, Paula made it clear when she began to pray this “spirit of poverty” off of people that this money was not for her.  She said “they’ve already taken care of me.”

Wow… read the rest of this story by clicking here.

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