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There are many reasons that you may have the feeling of doom and gloom. When you look in the dictionary this is what you will find:

dread verb (used with object)

1. to fear greatly; be in extreme apprehension of: to dread death.

2. to be reluctant to do, meet, or experience: I dread going to big parties.

3.Archaic . to hold in respectful awe.


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Often the overwhelming feeling of anxiety is a physical trigger. It’s important to maintain a constant blood sugar level because the brain uses sugar, also known as glucose, as its fuel. If blood sugar levels are too low or drop too fast, then the brain starts running out of fuel. This causes the brain to trigger the “fight or flight” response. The “fight or flight” response sends a rush of adrenaline, cortisol, and other neurotransmitters through your body to prepare you to fight or flee the perceived threat (low fuel). Sometimes it’s not.

Many of my clients and friends experienced a similar feeling in the past week: Doom. They were plagued with hopelessness and abandonment. Read the rest here.

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