We have all been watching the Jackson Family Circus unfold. It has been one report after another.We have heard Katharine is missing. Katharine is not missing. Rebbie has her, Rebbie doesn’t have her. Randy is mad. Jermaine is Jermaine. Janet is pissed off. Marlon is crying and Tito is  resigning.

Effective immediately here are 8 things the Jacksons should do right now!

# 8- Get a family psychiatrist  Psychiatrists are medical doctors. They can prescribe some medicine to make sure that everyone’s emotions get handled. Marlon’s crying anger reaction scared me!

#7 -Find out why and who Trent is. Yes we know he is Katharine’s nephew, but might the violence be turned down a bit. Really did you have to punch Jermaine in the face and put Randy in a choke-hold?

#6- Take Twitter privileges away from Paris. That young lady spends to much time sending out twitter messages. Thinking I am kidding?  She overshares ALL THE TIME!! Look at the below:

#5 Don’t allow anymore siblings to do interviews with sunglasses on. Guys it’s  getting a little creepy…..

#4  Call up TMZ and have a  sit down.  Have you seen the headlines they are giving you guys? C’mon..

#3 Put Rebbie, Tito and Jackie in Charge on Family press affairs.  When Jermaine talks all anyone looks at is his hair.

#2 Support TJ in h is temporary guardianship. Why? Because Kim Kardashian says so: TJ Jackson had a “‘father-like'” relationship with Michael’s kids,” while adding that “He’s a very honest and trustworthy person and everyone knows he’ll do the right thing.” Seriously that is what she said. We all believe  Kim. Right? ( Thanks Examiner!) [UPDATE!!!!!: TJ Jackson Given Temporary Custody Of Kids & Alludes To Katherine Jackson Mystery]

# 1 thing Get together and do good.  People will forget this insanity if you use your name for good. This running around town filing lawsuits and such is nuts. You guys are all talented in your own right. ( I dare anyone to debate me on this! YOU WILL LOSE !) I am a Jackson Family Fan, a huge Jackson Family fan. This is crazy.  Do something good. Do something non Michael related.  Gain your relevance back!

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