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Here is your Sunday’s Best recap for week 5, episode 5 titled “Stay Encouraged” which brought a choice set of performances from the new crop of “Gospel star hopefuls”. The show kicked off with JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise encouraging the audience to bring the glory.

Kim Burrell coaches each contestant before they perform . Here is what each contestant showcased this week and the judges key critiques.

Michael Lampkin – Michael cane out and did what he does best which is deliver a good sermon praise  song in “Show Me The Way”. The audience jumped to their feet. Kirk gave him cash as an offering.

  • Cece Winans- “You take us with you and we are there.”
  • Donnie McClurkin- “I think you cheated because there are songs you can sing certain songs. You do Sunday all the way.”
  • Yolanda Adams -“You make us want to go with you. We love you”

Jeremy Hill– Jeremy sang “Chasing After You” and gave more and more. He assured the judges that he could give more after he received his critique.

  • Cece Winans- “Ended real string and would like to see you more relaxed.”
  • Donnie McClurkin -“I don’t get a chance to hear the quality of your voice.”
  • Yolanda Adams -“ I enjoyed what you gave, but I want to see more.”

Sara Escamilla  – “I Love The Lord” She gave me the chills. It’s hard to sing a song that is identified with a  songstress like Whitney Houston.

  • Cece Winans – “You are amazing. You have so much anointing”
  • Donnie McClurkin  – “Go to the inner place.”
  • Yolanda Adams – “Start where your heart is.”

Keith Ball -“He’s Able” Keith gavea great delivery to the song and you could see that the stage was often bigger than him.

  • Cece Winans- “You have to be stronger.’
  • Donnie McClurkin -“ You have to let it happen”
  • Yolanda Adams- “You have to show it.”

Joshua Rogers  – “God Has Not Forgot” Kirk says they call him “Young Buck”. The young man delivered a heartfelt song on the stage.

  • Cece Winans – ” If that is getting lost than lose me. You are spectacular.”
  • Donnie McClurkin  -“You have the capacity to be Sunday’s Best. You have it hands down.”
  • Yolanda Adams  – “He killed us at the end.”

Brian Luther- He sang “Walk With Me” and I believed he was on his pilgrim journey. He sang it with a blues tinge and wowed the audience.

  • Cece Winans – “You remained who you were and try something new.”
  • Donnie McClurkin – “I think you have more and you played it safe.”
  • Yolanda Adams – “Stretch…”

Danetra Moore – She took a Vickie Winans song and delivered a strong version “Safe In His Arms”  Kirk supplied her with a chair because he was tired of her being taller than him.

  • Cece Winans –  “You got very pitchy.”
  • Donnie McClurkin – “I think you almost missed this song.”
  • Yolanda Adams- “I love your voice. You started at nice range.”

Ashford Sanders – “Millions Didn’t Make It”. The song recorded by the Winans invokes the power of survival with divine help. Ashford took the song and made it relevant.

  • Cece Winans – “You just sucked us in.”
  • Donnie McClurkin –  “You stayed in one spot and dominated the stage.”
  • Yolanda Adams – “Charisma. You capture us every time you sing.”


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Alexis Spight “Victory” was hers tonight, not just the song but her voice gave it a new spirit.

  • Cece Winans  – “You hit a few of notes…”
  • Donnie McClurkin – “You had so much power and you have to learn the art of singing.”
  • Yolanda Adams – “Pace yourself….”

Kizzy Walker “It Ain’t Over” She seemed a tad off in places. The music was one-place and she was somewhere else.It wasn’t  a very good outing this time.

  • Cece Winans –  “I don’t think it’s as strong as the last performance.”
  • Donnie McClurkin- “You have to know when you have it. You just lost it at the end.”
  • Yolanda Adams – “You were a couple of places where you go off. I like how you managed it and came back.”

The saints going forward are: Ashford, Joshua, Alexis,  Sarah, Dentra, Brian, Michael and  Kizzy.

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