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Reality television, movies and music videos have all crossed the line. Yes I have heard “But it’s just a movie, you’re not supposed to take it so seriously!” line and variations thereof. If you think that a piece of media such as a movie, TV show, book, or song is merely entertainment and ingest said media without giving any thought to how it influences or shapes you or the culture you exist in, you are foolish. This morning I spent the better part of 20 minutes arguing the pillaging of classic novels to make them salacious. It’s disgusting. Yes, I know every generation complains about the younger generation. Is this the justification for horrid behavior? With that being said please read the open letter from the Huffington Post.- Oretha Winston Lead Editor Elev8.com

Dear Black Women:

First, let me say, I am not specifically writing to you because I feel that you need to be saved or because you are any worse off than other women. I am simply writing to you because I am you. I identify with Black women, because I too am a Black woman. Therefore, I am much more comfortable talking openly to and about my collective self. Still, if this open letter helps the masses, great! I am all for it….

Now, last night I watched my regular dose of “Reality” TV. While I know that most reality shows are scripted, those scripts are often influenced by a bigger truth that needs a conversation. And man, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta showcased some real winners last night! Black women, what happened to us? We have gone from mothers of this earth; strong and proud backbones of our men, to ignorant, groupie, door mats! We are better than this!

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Ladies, we have to first know how to love God, and ourselves, before we can profess to love or teach anyone else how to love. When we allow ourselves to be used for our bodies, to be degraded as sexual objects and toys, we are to blame; not men. A man is going to do to a woman, what that woman allows. Until we stop taking their crap, they won’t stop giving it. How many of these men that my sisters are running behind, have a relationship with God? If they did, they wouldn’t sin, incessantly, as they do. Sleeping around, apologizing, and the doing it again, is not just sinning it’s a habit, a choice and a lifestyle. But women, when you keep going back, after countless times of being hurt and misused, you have made a choice to accept whatever that man wants to give you. Don’t make excuses for him. Everyone chooses their path. And women, we have to stop clinging to the very things that God wants us to rid ourselves of. Ladies, we are clinging to fairy tales and fantasies. The allure of love is not enough to accept rude and obnoxious behavior. That is not love!

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