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A lawyer defending a Virginia restaurant company being sued by a former employee denies that the employee was given the ultimatum of either aborting her child or losing her job.

Abigail Shomo, a former waitress at Mi Puerto who became pregnant a few months after being hired, filed a lawsuit against her employer, claiming that the restaurant owner told her that customers would not want “a belly” on a waitress.

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Keith Finch, an attorney representing Junior Corp, the company that owns Mi Puerto, told The Christian Post that the allegation over Shomo being told she had to have an abortion to continue working at the Mexican restaurant is “false.”

“The allegation about abortion is false. It also was entirely left out of the first two versions of Ms. Shomo’s complaint,” said Finch.

“[It] was only added later to support Count III of the complaint, which has since been dismissed.”

According to Shomo, back in May 2010 she got a job working as a waitress at the Mi Puerto restaurants located in Fairlawn and Radford.

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“The owners and employees of the Mi Puerto restaurant are of the same Catholic religion and beliefs as Ms. Shomo, and they would never dream of suggesting that she have an abortion,” reads the statement. The suit was put before United States District Court Judge James Turk, who referred the case to mediation.

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