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Elev8 Recap -Sunday Best  Week 2 

The performances began with a great medley with Cheryl “Salt” James, of “Salt n’ Pepper”, Tamela Mannand Mali Music covering  Kirk Franklin’s “Smile” in a slow downed soulful version.

Danetra Moore – She auditioned 3 times  before and tonight she finally made it to the stage.  She sang “I believe” CeCe though she was “incredible” Donnie was awed by her confidence. Yolanda was very pleased

Ashford Sanders- Kirk told him he  “did Dallas proud.” He sang his soul out with his  “Something about the name of Jesus” chorus. Yolanda felt there was something coming out that “testified you knowing Jesus.” Donnie “you sang this from your soul.”   Cece thought he was “incredible”.

Jessica Dudley–  Cece wanted her to relax. Yolanda wanted her to let the nerves go. Donnie wanted her to not be afraid to be herself.

Candace Pennington- She  came out the gate as a young gospel princess singing  ‘He wants it all’.  Donnie said she didn’t add life to it. Yolanda said that there wasn’t any ad-lib. Cece wanted her to have fun.

Jamarien Moore – Yolanda throughput was excellent. Cece  and Donnie wanted him to breathe.

Lois Blalock – As a seventy plus young woman she held her own.  Cece said that she was youthful and fun. Donnie was impressed by her. Yolanda thought she “took it to church.”

Brian Luther– Kirk said he took us to church. Yolanda thought he was perfect. Donnie said he carried it off start to finish and gospel is not a “black thing”. Cece said that she is sure he had “more to give”

Sara Escamilla – Donnie was sure that she sang to God. Cece said that she sang worshiping music. Yolanda gave her purity of voice and purpose positive.

Breon Clary – Donnie was sure that it was great.Cece wanted to see more heart. Yolanda

Alexis Spight – Cece  exclaimed she did an amazing job. Yolanda commended her for not being in the typical packaging. Donnie pointed out her anointing.

Antoine Overby – Donnie thought he was good overall. Cece wanted him to include the audience. Yolanda wants him to watch his pitch.

Kizzy Walker –   Cece said she was amazing. Donnie was enjoying church. Yolanda was sure that she was in church.

Julian Awari –  Cece thought he needed to sing stronger and relax.   Donnie didn’t care for his stage presence.  Yolanda liked his voice and wanted him to be more true to himself.

Jacqueline Calhoun – Yolanda enjoyed her performance. Cece thought she was believable. Donnie wants her to pace herself. She steamrolled over the background vocalists.

Jeremy Hill – Cece believed he looked at home. Yolanda  agreed with Cece. Donnie wants him to sing a song that gives more quality of who he is as a singer.

Susan Hedgpeth – Donnie was not wowed by her. Cece said that she looked beautiful but that she was not on key. Yolanda  wanted more.

Keith Ball – Donnie thought his charisma was good. Cece thought he was relaxed. Yolanda was impressed  with his presence

Michael Lampkin – Donnie said he put all his expertise in there.  Cece said he came out with authority and excellence. Yolanda said he was rare and in the same class as Bishop Paul  Morton.

Kimberly Maxwell – Yolanda and Cece   both thought she was different. Donnie  thought she was a female Sam Cooke.

Joshua Maxwell -Yolanda thought he was excellent. Cece thought he was great. Donnie said he could out-sing him.

Congratulations: Ashford, Alexis, Brian, Danetra, Sara, Jeremy, Joshua, Keith, Kizzy, and Michael for going to the next round!

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Here is a gallery of all the above 20 that competed.