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No other time of year elicits the carefree feelings we experience in the summer. Families seem to be closer as they make lasting memories together, whether frolicking on the beach or simply catching fireflies on a warm summer night. Children take delight in seeing their parents laugh and enjoy simple pleasures, like riding bikes or hiking in the woods.

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When reflecting upon childhood, most of us remember most vividly summer experiences. Perhaps because those were the times when we felt most relaxed and genuinely happy. Children and parents alike treasure the special moments of summer, times when we feel closest to our families and loved ones. Family reunions, camping trips, vacations, and cookouts all evoke emotions that bond us closer to our families. These activities are especially important to children who long for relationships with both immediate and extended family.

Summertime fun also doesn’t seem contingent upon the amount of money spent on the experience, but rather the quality of time spent with people that we love.

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