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Tia and Tamera are back for season 2 of their reality tv show. She also gave us an exclusive playlist for Elev8.

Season one chronicled Tia’s journey to motherhood and Tamera’s journey down the aisle — now, in season two, the ladies are figuring out how to juggle their careers with all these new-found responsibilities.

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Recently she sat down with “The Insider” television show. She had tons to say!

What are you excited for fans to see in season two?

Tia: I’m really excited to show fans the mother and son dynamic I now have with Cree. At first, I was hesitant about putting him out to the world for scrutiny. But, overall, he is my biggest gift, so why not share that with the world. Let everyone see the thing that makes my heart beat. I wanted to share that I am just like everyone else. I am a working mom and there are challenges that come along with that. I want moms to feel like they can relate to me and my son and our family.

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Balance seems to be a big theme this year, true?

Tia: Oh yea, big time. I personally believe that just because I’m a mom, I don’t have to lose my identity. I believe women have all different roles in their lives – wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, professionals … and I don’t think we should neglect any of those other roles just because we’ve brought life into the world. I saw my mom do that. And I credit her for where I am today as a result of that, but she gave up her life for her kids – which is amazing and wonderful. But once your kids grow up and move on, there’s an emptiness inside. They don’t know what to do with themselves and I want to educate moms out there that it’s OK to continue to go after your goals and dreams because it’s easy to get lost while focusing on your child. Yes it’s challenging and hard and you’ll feel guilty – but trying to be the best you can be doesn’t make you a bad mother.

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Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen were very vocal about wanting people to stop mentioning them with an ampersand — could you ever envision a time where you feel the same?

Tia: I think there was a time where we were kind of forcing the world to see us individuals. As a twin, people automatically link you together the second you come into this world. Still to this day, I will be by myself and people will ask me about Tamera. So there’s a phase of rebellion, of wanting to be your own person. I think Tamera went through it more than I did, but I do feel like it’s so right to be together. We grew up in the womb together, we were created together, so whenever we do stuff together, it just feels magical.

Tia and Tamera airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Style.

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