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Bebe Winans has written a book about his friend Whitney Houston.

BeBe Winans has long been one of gospel music’s brightest stars. He has  had a very busy  year! He buried Whitney Houston, wrote a book and now is working on a play!

He sat down and had a 1on 1 discussion with Christian Post  recently. When posed with a hard direct question about Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston he did not flinch or shy away.

CP: In the book, you discuss the media frequently and state that the media had various perceptions of Whitney. One of the perceptions that the media had even while she was alive but especially after she died was that her relationship with Bobby changed her. What are your thoughts on that notion?

Winans: I think to answer that correctly [you have to ask] “do people change in a relationship?” Yea, I think we all change especially in marriage. Sometimes we change because we want to and the older you get, you evolve. So the Whitney of 45 was different from the Whitney of 25.

Yet and still the honest answer for everything is [she was] grown. We respected each other’s opinions but yet and still we gave each other space because you’re an adult and you can choose to do what you want to do.

So in that freedom, Whitney, just like any of us, made some good choices and made some bad choices. But when it comes to Bobby Brown particularly, I don’t think he is deserving of any blame because Whitney – I believe I said in the book in the beginning – as sophisticated as she was, she was unruly. She was defiant. When she made up her mind, she made up her mind. So that was way before Bobby.

Were there good years? Yes. Were there good times? Yes. But in any situation, in any marriage you’re going to have dark times and bad times, and something I wrote for the wedding and sang at the wedding addressed those issues.

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